A little bit of sass and whole lotta woo.



I see it in you.

That inner spark itching to ignite the flames of your dreams so you can set the world on fire.

The badassery that you’re finally ready to own and unleash because staying quiet and not using your voice hasn’t been serving you.

The unrivaled drive and “I get shit done” attitude that’s gotten you so far in life already.

Some might call you type A, and who says that’s a bad thing? ;)

I also see the things that are holding you back from fully stepping into your power.


The self-sacrificial nature within you because you’re caring and compassionate, and often put the needs of others first.

The “what will people think of me?” and “who am I to help others, I barely have my shit together?” thoughts and fears.

The hesitancy to connect with your desires because you’ve been taught that productivity takes priority over pleasure.

The questioning of your intuition because you don’t fully trust yourself, and tendency to rely on the opinion of others before taking the next right step towards what’s tugging at your heart strings.

The uneasy feelings of not good enoughness and deep-seeded limiting belief that you don’t deserve to get what you want.

The inability to really own your story - and yeah I mean aaaaall of it - because parts of it still hurt and fill you with shame and guilt.

I know these things because I’ve been there, too.

And I’m living proof that if you want something bad enough and find a way to change your thoughts, habits, and beliefs, you can create a life you weren’t even able to dream up before.

The patriarchal world that we live in has done a number on us as womxn to keep us small and disconnected from our power because they’re afraid of what would happen if we utilized it, when in fact the world would be a brighter and better place if more women challenged societal and cultural norms and became empowered to make hard but necessary changes both at home and abroad.

Somewhere deep down (as my son would say, all the way down in your toes) there’s a part of you that knows you have options.

That you deserve something different. Something more.

It’s easy to shy away from stepping into your power because you come up against fear that you’ll lose yourself in the process of helping make the world a better place.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a martyr to do good in the world.

Instead of giving up all of yourself to help everyone around you, you can work with your core desires and beliefs to create positive changes in your own life first that causes a ripple effect to benefit others.

How would it feel to believe in yourself and your wildly beautiful dreams enough to take the next step, because deep down you know you’re meant to blaze your own trail?

What would it be like to embrace the inner voice you hear calling you to do something more meaningful with your life, even though you’re feelin’ the fear that creeps in (and maybe just a little bit like you might pee your pants if you take the leap)?


With the everyday pressures of living in the world that we do, so many of us have a tendency to let the overwhelm and stress creep in, often inducing anxiety that leaves us feeling frozen, paralyzed, and out of control of life.

We stay stuck in inaction and grumpy because we’re not heeding the call of our soul.

You, my dear, deserve more than sitting on the couch, physically and emotionally drained every night, eating a bowl of cereal for dinner while scrolling through your Facebook feed because you just can't deal with "real" life anymore.

The world needs the special something that only you have to offer.

You may not know how to get over the hump of feeling like shit and diving deeply back into alignment with your values, dreams, and desires so that you can live your life on purpose.

And that’s where I come in.


I'm here to help you tap back into your intrinsic power and create the magical life you crave.

To show you how to bring what you dream about into your daily reality.


And guess what?

You can get to where you want to be without killing yourself while doing it.

Contrary to the “success” we see modeled on Instagram, you don't always have to hustle til you drop or feel guilty every night for all the things you didn't get done today as you tuck yourself into bed.

You don’t have to fall prey to the comparison trap that keeps you stuck in inaction instead of taking slow and steady steps forward on your own path.

It's possible to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to yourself without feeling all the FOMO feels, and make a difference in the world at the same time.

My mission is to help you go from feeling disenchanted with your day-to-day to help you explore what lights you up and give yourself permission do more of it, every fucking day. I also empower womxn to own their unique stories, talents, and gifts so they feel safe sharing them with the world.

My role as a healing facilitator, life coach, and spiritual guide is to support you in reconnecting with your inner compass - that Divine intuitive inner wisdom that's inside of you - so that you can feel fulfilled in your life and at home in your body.


I want you to feel like the truly magnificent woman you are. I know that you are beautiful inside and out, and you deserve to see that, too.

You already have everything you need to bust through the blocks of what’s holding you back and start living a life filled with magic and meaning. Right now.

And I’m here to help you learn how to access the tools and wisdom already within you so that you can harness your power and transform into the womxn you’re destined to be.

You will be unstoppable.



Hi, I'm Kendalyn! A wanna-be mermaid, Reiki Master, and Soul Proprietor of Sage & Sea Apothecary. I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes in taking a holistic approach to self-care and offer natural products and sacred healing services that serve you in mind, body, + spirit.

I'm on a mission to help disenchanted women rediscover how to live a fullfilling life by embracing who they are at their core with kindness and compassion. I work to empower womxn feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed by helping them reconnect to their intuition - that innate inner wisdom we each have but are often taught to turn off in favor of logical thinking.

Through my Reiki healing services, guided meditations, spiritual workshops, and supportive natural products, I help womxn work through physical or emotional blocks no longer serving them so that they can step into their highest and best selves and live a life filled with magic and meaning.