You're a badass, driven, busy woman who spends more time caring for others than taking care of yourself.

You feel guilty doing or buying things that make you feel good because you think it means someone else will be sacrificing something. Or, you simply don't feel worthy of receiving them.

You have a tendency to let the overwhelm and stress creep in, often inducing anxiety that leaves you feeling frozen, paralyzed, and out of control of your life.

You know you deserve more than sitting on the couch, physically and emotionally drained every night, eating a bowl of cereal for dinner while scrolling through your Facebook feed because you just can't deal with "real" life anymore.

But you don't know how to get over the hump of feeling like shit and diving deeply back into alignment with your values, dreams, and desires so that you can live your life on purpose.

I'm here to help you, pretty lady.


There's a better way.

You don't always have to hustle til you drop, and feel guilty every night for all the things you didn't get done today as you tuck yourself into bed.

It's possible to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to yourself without feeling all the FOMO feels.

Your mind and body are intertwined, so in order to make some magic in your physical world you have to work with what's going on inside, too.

My mission is to help you go from feeling disenchanted to showing you how you can illuminate your life through products and services that allow you to care for yourself holistically.

In my shop you'll find natural body and home products to uplift and soothe your physical senses, while also helping you heal and care for yourself spiritually.

I also offer sacred healing services to support you in reconnecting with your inner compass, that Divine intuitive inner wisdom that's inside of you, so that you can feel fulfilled in your life and at home in your body.

I want you to feel like the truly magnificent woman you are. I know that you are beautiful inside and out, and you deserve to see that, too.

You belong right here, and now is your time to shine.



Hi, I'm Kendalyn! A wanna-be mermaid, Reiki Master, and Soul Proprietor of Sage & Sea Apothecary. I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes in taking a holistic approach to self-care and offer natural products and sacred healing services that serve you in mind, body, + spirit.

I'm on a mission to help disenchanted women rediscover how to live a full life by embracing who they are at their core with kindness and compassion. I work to empower women feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed by helping them reconnect to their intuition - that innate inner wisdom we each have but are often taught to turn off in favor of logical thinking.

Through my Reiki healing services, guided meditations, spiritual workshops, and supportive natural products, I help women work through physical or emotional blocks no longer serving them so that they can step into their highest and best selves and live a life filled with magic and meaning.