Relaxing Rose Bath Soak

Relaxing Rose Bath Soak


This relaxing rose bath soak will work its magic on your mind and body, allowing you to de-stress in a warm bath any time you're craving some R&R. It comes layered in beautiful little glass bale jar with a wooden scoop making it a wonderful gift for someone you love (including yourself!). There are plenty of things you can reuse the jar for once you've enjoyed its contents, too.

This soak comes in a small bale glass jar with a wooden scoop and muslin bag. Please consider sanitizing and reusing this jar after you've enjoyed its contents.

Himalayan pink salt, organic rose buds*, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, jasmine essential oil, chamomile essential oil
*USDA-certified organic ingredients

Pour several scoops of bath soak into your tub and draw a hot bath. Soak for at least 20-30 minutes. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. Tip: To make cleanup easier, pour the soak into a muslin bag or cheesecloth and place in your tub.

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Himalayan pink salt contains many of the minerals our bodies need to remain healthy and in balance. When soaking in a tub with these salts your body absorbs them through the skin infusing your skin and body with minerals and hydration. Himalayan ink salt contains a high minteral content, including magnesium and other trace minerals. When these are absorbed into the body they help heal damaged muscle and soft tissues, healing soreness and relaxing cramped muscles. It also works as a powerful detoxifer, drawing toxins out of the skin and tissue.

With their anti-inflammatory properties, organic rose buds are soothing for sensitive skin and can help calm inflamed or irritated skin. Rose buds also help rejuvenate and replenish skin with their moisturizing oils leaving you feeling soft from head to toe. This fragrant flower is also a powerful sensory aid known for its ability to calm and relax the mind with its soothing scent.

The blend of essential oils used in this bath soak is specially formulated to promote relaxation and relieve tension and stress.

This bath soak is all natural and does not contain any anti-clumping agents, therefore it may clump up after a while. This can be easily fixed! Make sure the cap is securely in place and give the container a little shake to break up any clumps.