Ocean Breeze Beeswax Candle

Ocean Breeze Beeswax Candle


Ocean breeze smells just as you'd imagine - like a day at the beach! Take your mind back to warm days of sun, sand, and surf with this candle.

This is an 8 oz natural, eco-friendly, hand-poured candle that comes in a bright blue glass container that's 40% recycled and is topped with an aluminum lid. The candle is a blend of white beeswax and certified organic, sustainable palm oil and premium fragrance oil. It is double-wicked to ensure a larger burn pool so that it burns longer and more evenly. When burned for 2-4 hours at a time it will last over 24 hours!

Please consider repurposing this container once the candle is spent. You can find tips and tricks online on how to clean the remaining wax out right here.

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