Pink Himalayan Salt Stone - Ground, Protect, + Purify

Pink Himalayan Salt Stone - Ground, Protect, + Purify


Pink Himalayan Salt is a powerful crystal for both psychic protection and cleansing dark and heavy energy. This stone can be placed on your altar or you can carry it with you to stay grounded and shielded from picking up the negative energy of others.

The soft, rosy color and heart shape of this healing stone makes it a useful tool to balance your heart chakra and promote a sense of inner calm and self-love. It makes for a great meditation stone - simply hold it in your hand while you tune in to your Higher Self and heal the vibration of your heart chakra.

When added to a bath, Pink Himalayan Salt can be used to alleviate soreness, detoxify and purify your body, aid in hydration, and is known to lower blood pressure and balance pH levels. Simply add it to warm bath water and bathe in the healing essence of this stone. It will dissolve over time, however you will be able to use it more than once before it's completely dissolved. For even more healing power, rub a few drops of your favorite essential oil before dropping it into your bath water.

Due to its nature, this stone will naturally sweat in humid environments. Consider storing it on a plate or other surface that moisture won't ruin.

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