April 2017 Charitable Organization of the Month: Ocean Conservency


As a marine biologist by trade, the ocean has a very, very special place in my heart. Any time I'm within hearing distance of the waves crashing against the shore I feel deeply soothed and centered. I am so grateful to live in the Ocean State and to have access to the Atlantic Ocean within just a short drive and have spent many hours over the last few years combing the shore for treasures and relaxing on the soft sand. There is something so sacred and magical about looking out into the horizon and envisioning all the life teeming underneath the surface of the waves. If you've ever been SCUBA diving or snorkeling you know how cool seeing images like the one above are in person!

Recently, President Trump signed an executive order that would start rolling back a rule under the Clean Water Act known as Waters of the United States (WOTUS) that works to enhance the health of our streams, rivers and ocean, supporting local communities and their desire for clean drinking water along with fishable streams and estuaries.

Living in a very coastal community with both fresh and salt waterways extremely close to my home this is a deep concern of mine. We've worked hard over the last few decades to establish protections for the animals in these waterways as well as the humans utilizing the water for food and potable water that are now at risk of being stripped away.

The Ocean Conservancy is working diligently to ensure that these types of protections remain in place and are fighting back against the current administration. I'm excited to have donated 5% of my April revenue to this great cause and look forward to hearing their successes in keeping our waters clean.

To read more about current legislature affecting our nation's waterways and other potential global impacts check out the Ocean Conservancy website where you can also learn about what you can do to help. By keeping protections in place for the ocean, streams, rivers, and so on, we're not only taking care of ourselves and the planet, but ensuring it will be in good condition for the next generation.

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Kendalyn Banks