How I Use Structure to Create Freedom


If you're in the USA, Happy 4th of July!

I've been reflecting a lot this year on what freedom means to me, and even more so today as I celebrate this day of independence. With more and more demands on my time, especially since becoming a mother, I've realized the moments I cherish the most are those when I feel free from the day-to-day demands that leave me drained and depleted.

I've always been a stickler for routines and have realized that part of the reason they work so well for me is that when I have some structure around my day I can allow myself time and space to be free to do whatever I feel called to - go to a yoga class, meditate, enjoy a glass of wine on the couch with my husband, take a walk around our property... anything goes. Without the routine I feel frazzled and scattered in a million places, and feeling like a hot mess does not allow me to feel in alignment or experience the freedom I crave.

So my a-ha over the past week has been that when I rebel against a routine thinking that THAT is the thing that will give me freedom, it's not. At all. Sticking to a routine allows me to focus on the things that need to get done so that I have the space to explore whatever I feel called to in my "free" time.

What makes you feel free? Tell me in the comments!