Money - Like it? Love it? Want some more of it?

Abundance is not something we qcquire, it’s something we tune into.
— Wayne Dyer

Every time I ask my clients what they are struggling with, there’s always a handful of individuals who vocalize that their number one issue has to do with money. Some common gripes included:

  • Not having enough money to do fun things like travel or take time off.
  • Being stuck in a certain job or situation due to lack of money.
  • Not taking care of themselves physically (healthy foods, fitness classes, regular massage, etc.) because it’s too expensive.
  • Not feeling worthy of earning more money and getting stuck at the same income level for years.
  • Constantly stressing about money (likely for the reasons above).

The list goes on and on.

When you’re in the thick of feeling shitty about your finances, it’s hard to see that it doesn’t have to be like that – that you can improve your relationship with money so that it’s stress-free. Money problems often stem from issues of worthiness (“I am not enough”, “I don’t deserve X, Y, Z," etc.), and until you uncover and clear those limiting beliefs around your self-worth you’ll never increase your net worth.

You can have feelings of ease and enjoyment around your money if you’re willing to show up and put in the work. You have to align your thoughts with your values and desires, and understand and acknowledge your true worth. You have to believe in yourself and understand that it doesn’t always have to be an uphill battle when it comes to having enough money to live your life the way you want to. There will probably be growing pains, as with any significant changes we choose to make in our lives, but don’t let that stop you from showing up.

Have you ever heard the phrase that what you put your attention on grows? For this reason, if you focus on what you lack, like money, you will keep attracting a lack of abundance in your life. If you focus on being grateful for what you do have and truly believing that you have enough, you will always feel abundant. Feeling abundant and putting your attention on aligning with those feelings will lead to more abundance. For example, if you think “I have everything I need,” the Universe will in turn provide what it is you need. If you think “I don’t have enough money,” the Universe will make sure it stays that way, too.

I've been doing a lot of mindset work and personal growth this year around creating a healthier relationship with money, especially as I merged finances with my husband. Sometimes this shit is scary beyond belief, and it brings up a lot of fears and insecurities stemming all the way back to early childhood.

We hold on tight to our money blocks and limiting beliefs because they make us feel safe, but what it really does is prevent us from living the life we crave because we’re stuck behind our financial road blocks. We’re sabotaging ourselves by staying stuck in the same patterns and thought processes that are holding us back. Your internal thoughts are what shape your external reality, so pay close attention to them.

Personally, I was chronically using spending as a way to make myself feel better when issues arose for me that I didn’t want to deal with. I would spend money to numb myself from dealing with difficult feelings, thinking that the things I was buying would make me feel more worthy of having the life that I want. I felt like I had to put on a show for other people so they saw that I was enough.

But the truth is, I had to confront my uncomfortable feelings and really understand and believe that I am enough, and that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. There is no amount of stuff I can accumulate to make me feel worthy, and spending money willy nilly is not the answer I’ve been seeking.

Once I started tapping in to those feelings of being enough and honoring myself by acknowledging that I AM worthy of creating the life that I want, things started to shift pretty rapidly for me in the direction I wanted to go in.

Without taking time to work through my issues around my own self worth I would never be able to feel the expansion I am going through in my business and in my life. With that said, my work is not done and I am continuing down this path of cultivating love for myself and my finances.

Money is often treated as such a taboo topic that we’re discouraged to talk about, but it doesn't have to be! You can have open, honest conversations with supportive people to help you improve your mindset around your finances and feel stable, secure, and worthy of receiving whatever you desire. Because you deserve it (yes, you!).

Jessica Eley is an amazing mindset coach who is offering a program called Workshops for Water, where she's offering an intimate and private group setting for Q&A over the course of 4 weeks paired with 4 workshops around improving your relationship with money. These workshops include 90-minute LIVE coaching calls around the following topics:

Week 1: Identify Your Roadblocks

Week 2: Uncover Your True Desires Around Money

Week 3: Create Self-Serving Money Habits

Week 4: Sustain Achievement Without Overwhelm

It’s only $97 to unlock this money master series which is a STEAL in terms of value. I had a 1:1 coaching session with Jessica earlier this year and it’s allowed me to make some massive shifts in my life and business; I can personally attest that she is the real deal. This woman walks her talk and shows up for those willing to show up for themselves.

And the best part? 100% of the cost to participate in Workshops for Water is paid for in the form of a donation to charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. How incredible is that?!

Are you looking to make some positive changes in your habits and mindset so that you can live a life of abundance? Head on over to to learn how you can uplevel your money mindset AND give clean drinking water to a hundred people in a developing country. If there was ever a win-win I’d say this was it – everyone deserves clean drinking water and a healthy relationship with money.

PS – I am not an affiliate and do not get any compensation for promoting Workshops for Water, I just really believe in the work that Jessica is doing and want you to feel good about your finances while contributing to a great cause.

Need more convincing that Workshops for Water will benefit you? Go check out these podcast episodes with Jessica to hear straight from her.

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