Pisces New Moon: A Time for Manifesting & Healing

It's time to go after what you want and release the fears holding you back.


If we've been connected for a little while, you'll know that I'm pretty into following the lunar cycles to connect more deeply with myself and the great big U (or Universe).

I believe there's something so potent and magical about tapping into the moon's phases and using each 29 1/2 day lunar cycle as a chance to reflect, reassess what I'm going after (and sometimes change direction), and take action at the time when it's most beneficial. I.e. I try to work with the energy of each phase rather than getting lost in the shuffle of everyday life and enter default mode. When we tap into the meaning behind the energy of each phase (did you know there are 8 phases total?!) things really start to get juicy.

Tomorrow we’ll be experiencing a New Moon in Pisces, meaning the moon will begin to get visible again to the human eye in a slight crescent shape. As the moon cycles, it not only changes in what it looks like, but the zodiac sign it falls in also changes. In Yasmin Boland’s book Moonology she relates this to the “flavour” of the moon as it takes on the qualities and energies of the zodiac sign it’s in.

Pisces is a water sign, meaning it’s highly emotional and intuitive. It also has a dreamy quality and is highly in tune with mystery, dreams, and fantasy. The energies of Pisces also make it favorable now to work with compassion, healing, and karmic release.

The New Moon is the manifesting maven — the time of the month to set intentions and plant the seeds of what you want to cultivate in your life. During the days surrounding the new moon pay close attention to your thoughts. Take some time to consider what it is you’re looking to bring into your life — what you want to manifest — and let go of what it is you don’t want. Write these things down or say them out loud. Remember that anything is possible, but use your discernment when it comes to deciding what it is that YOU want; let go of what ideas and paths other people may be carving out for you. While they likely have your best interest at heart, they don’t have the full picture because they aren’t inside your head and your heart.

To me, the hardest part of manifesting is the final step — surrendering the how and trusting it will happen in the most supportive way for you and at the right time. When you identify that you want something, and want it so badly, then have to let go of the how, it’s a little unnerving because we have to give up our sense of control (which is often artificial anyway). This is especially difficult for me as a Type A personality who wants constant control because that's what I find comfort in, but it truly makes all the difference.

Detaching from exacting how your wishes will become fulfilled is really powerful and worth their challenges. And a lot of times your wishes will be granted in ways even better than you could’ve imagined. Write down those intentions as clearly as you can (specificity is Queen) and then release it up to the Universe/Goddess/Source (whatever resonates with you) by burning the paper—or even planting it underground.

This is also a period of rebirth and imagination. Pisces energy offers a time to tap into your dreams and sharpen your intuition. The dreamworld is so powerful because as we sleep our subconscious is hard at work showing us images of what’s going on beneath the surface of our conscious thoughts. What are your dreams telling you? Are there any recurring themes? If you work with Tarot or oracle cards this is a good time to use them to work on your intuitive skills.

Pisces energy makes this New Moon a good time to work on releasing fears and getting honest with yourself. What lies are you telling yourself that are keeping you small? What are you truly afraid of? It's often much deeper than the surface level fears that show up. Saying these things out loud to someone you trust helps diminish the grip your fear has on you. No more strangleholds, and no lies. “I only speak the truth” becomes one of your mantras for this New Moon period.

During this time you could also be working on doing some healing and surrendering. Where is it that you need to tend to inside of yourself? Work with professionals you know, like, and trust. Let them hold space for you as you experience healing.

For me personally, I seek counsel and healing from a combination of practitioners that get me and support me in my holisitic (more like whole-listic) approach to caring for my mind, body, and spirit. Do what works for you. And if you don’t yet have people to go to, ask for referrals from friends! You’d also be surprised at the amount that you can heal yourself, but never hesitate to call on others who specialize in healing because that’s what they’re there for.

We're also close to Ostara in the North Hemisphere, or the Spring Equinox (happening next week on 3/20), which is going to lead to lots of growth and rebirth as plants begin to peek up from underground — both new and returning. We'll see buds forming on the trees that will later turn into leaves and flowers, reminding us in the shift of seasons; showing us that after death there is life, and so the cycle continues.

Here in New England where I live this is a tricky time of year because many days still feel like winter (especially after the storm earlier this week!) and we might continue to experience some frost and snow. But change is definitely afoot.

This is also a wonderful time to cultivate your connection to Mother Earth as we begin the seasonal transition. Tap into your own rite of passage and ritual honoring her as spring begins. This could be literally planting seeds that you put your intentions into. Hold the seeds in your hands as you meditate for a moment on what you're ready to call in and birth into your life. Where does your intent lay? What do you want?

If the ground isn't frozen where you are, you can plant your seeds of intention into the earth. If the ground is still a little too raw for this, you could start some seedlings indoors. As you watch the seeds grow and continue to love on them, you're nurturing those seeds of intention for yourself. You're literally watching your dreams come to life.

Are you feeling this energy? What does it feel like for you/what do you feel called to focus on?

Reiki Healing Sessions

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— Danielle