Are you ready to heal yourself?

I know you have it in you.

When we're in crisis or hurting we often require the help of others to carry us or lift us up, and that's ok. But often this leaves us giving over our own power and capacity for healing ourselves to them long after we're ready to do the work on our own.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a firm believer in therapy, acupuncture, womb healing, Reiki, etc. where a healer/medical professional is there to help facilitate your healing and hold space for you as you go through the process. But I'm also an advocate for reclaiming your power when you feel ready because you are so capable of doing the deep work of healing yourself in your daily life, too.

If you're doing this work you know that it's an ongoing process and often feels like an uphill battle. Reiki is something you can use any time you need to tap into the Universal life force energy to access an abundant, limitless flow of healing energy to work those things through you so they don't keep you feeling stuck, afraid, and unwelcome in your body. Once you're attuned it's always there, no matter how much or little you call upon it.

Reiki came to me about six years ago when I started attending fitness classes at Mind Body Barre fitness and healing studio. I'll be totally honest, I thought it sounded a little hoaky at first. If you're newer to the concepts of energy as your vital life force that needs healing just like your physical body does when it's wounded, I can totally see how energy healing may sound a little cray cray. But I've experienced its magic and true ability to move what's no longer serving me through my physical and energetic bodies so that I can be more aligned and at peace with myself and serve others; I know deep down that it works.

I became a Reiki master earlier this year not only to assist in healing some deep trauma and wounds of my own, but so that I could teach it and share the healing benefits of Reiki with you. Every single session I have with a client I'm left in awe at the paradox of the simple yet complex healing that Reiki offers to my clients, and want to help make it accessible and less weird by passing it on through teaching and the attunement process.

If you're interested in how Reiki may be able to serve you on your journey or feel called to the words in this message at all, you can find more info right hereThere's also a short video right at the bottom of this email.

I keep these classes small so that we can share vulnerably and have an intimate experience together (not that kind of intimate, you know what I mean!), as healing practices tend to bring up a lot of uncomfortable crap from the past and present. I believe that each group is brought together for a reason and love getting to know my students and helping them carve their own path using Reiki. I hope you'll consider joining this next group if you feel that it's a place you belong.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this course, Reiki in general, or how we can work together 1:1.

Click the image above to watch my recent Facebook Live about this Reiki Level 1 certification.

Click the image above to watch my recent Facebook Live about this Reiki Level 1 certification.