Illuminated Sea


How is Pisces season treating you so far?

It's been... challenging for me to say the least.

I've had all kinds of wild and crazy dreams lately, including one where I was pregnant and in the middle of labor, but made sure to make a pit stop to poop before pushing the baby out. Seriously these subconscious minds are ludicrious sometimes... But I also believe that's a real fear of every woman ever giving birth. haha!

In contrast to the crazy dreams, I've felt a lack of creativity, clarity, and direction in my waking life, which is never a fun place to be. I've felt a little wishy-washy and in a period of contraction, which isn't inherently bad but feels like shit nonetheless!

Two of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling stuck or out of alignment is:

1. Rely on my own inner resources.


2. Get help when I need it.

My team of helpers and healers is a pretty extensive network, including my acupuncturist Dan. At my last visit with him a few weeks ago, he was calling out some of the names of the points where he was sticking me with needles (no, that’s not a euphemism. ;)

I always laugh because as the needle goes in he’ll as if I “felt the chi,” meaning some movement of energy that feels like a tiny electric shock, but my mind starts to go in the gutter real quick…

Anywhoo, the one that caught my attention immediately was called Illuminated Sea, which is a point on the Kidney pathway of energy on the inside of your foot.

One thing I love about having Dan as a practitioner is that he’s always letting me in on why he’s choosing to treat the points that he is in each session. He’s always willing to provide background information that I can take with me and reflect on later. (I'm a Curious Kendalyn to say the least.)

For me, just hearing the words “Illuminated Sea” calls a vision to mind that’s almost palpable.

Can you picture it in your mind, too?

When I asked what it meant, Dan described the meaning of this acupuncture point like this:

Imagine you’re suspended in the ocean looking up, watching the moonlight dance through the water column as it waves itself around. The reflection of the moonlight continues to shift as the water moves, and the Illuminated Sea tells the story of the dance between certainty and uncertainty as the waves continue to change in unpredictable ways.

While treating this point doesn’t mean that things become instantly clear, the intention was to support me in trusting myself, my intuition, my capacity to create, and my ability to ensure I’m resourced during times of transition, or times when things feel a bit ambiguous.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

He further explained that treating this point helps you to keep moving forward in the dark without a totally clear vision.

To take imperfect action.

A sort of “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of vibe.

The more I ponder this, the more I can see that leaning into the idea of Illuminate Sea can help us cultivate faith in the unknown, and faith in ourselves and our core nature of being.To trust that we’re ok, even when we don’t have it all figured out.

It calls attention to our personal power and the possibilities that uncertainty and transition hold, rather than seeing them as a less than desirable place to be.

See it this way was a HUGE shift for me, as someone who struggles with anxiety around uncertainty.

I’ve had this at the top of my mind for the last few weeks as I’ve been feeling a bit like I’ve been swimming backwards, especially in my business.

Instead of giving in to worry and doubt, I’ve been focused on trusting that it’s safe to slow down in my life, and that what’s taking shape is bigger than me and, importantly, that there’s no rush in getting "there." (Where the fuck is it that we're all in a rush to get to, anyway?)

The more I’ve read about Pisces season, as well as the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde we experienced this week, I’ve connected the dots to see that this in-between feeling is actually the essence of the energy we’re experiencing as a collective. 

Pisces is a water sign characterized by empathy, compassion, and expressing emotion. It’s also a very intuitive sign, offering a lot of insight and wisdom if we’re willing to get quiet and listen in.

One of my mentors Lindsay Mack called out that being in Pisces season means we’re in The Moon card in the tarot, which is a time when we experience the mystery of the unknown and a time where there’s a significant void (similar to the current lack of moonlight at night).

It also means that we’re at a point where everything that’s been resting beneath the waters of our being are being called to the surface so that we can honor, process, and become free from it.

In addition, my favorite astrologer Jennifer Racioppi said in her newsletter this week that we’re in a time “when the magic of twilight and an unwavering trust in the Universe begs us to move forward.”

Again, that cultivation of faith and taking action – whether we know exactly where we're going or not.

It felt really supportive to know that being in the void I’ve been in is actually in alignment with what’s going on in the cosmos, and that there’s nothing I need to do to get myself out of it – that it’s actually ok to be IN it and process what’s coming up instead of ignoring the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and questions of “who am I, really, to do this work I want to do in the world?”

I used to avoid uncertainty like the boys avoided dancing with girls to fast songs in high school – standing up against the wall and unwilling to couple up. But this month, I’m becoming more of a partner in this dance between certainty and uncertainty. My willingness to approach uncertainty and ask “shall we dance?” has made it feel a little less intimidating.

What kind of dance are you engaged in this week?

Loving you,

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