Not your grandma's patchwork quilt

This past weekend, I got to do one of my very favorite things - teach Reiki 1 to a room full of women eager to tap into or deepen their ability to heal themselves, and the world. Ah, the simpler things in life... (jk)

It was a really special day not just for the trainees, but for me, too. My first Reiki instructor and bonafide earth mama was present along with her daughters (my friends), who overcame my comically terrible barre instructor audition 5 year ago and gave me a shot at teaching at their studio because the saw the raw potential in me.

At the beginning of all my group offerings, I love to go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves and tell me a little bit about why they showed up and what they're looking to get out of being there. (Ya know, the icebreaker part that all of us introverts dread.) In this case, most of them were there as a requirement to obtain their Mind Body Barre® certification, but were also curious about what Reiki was all about.

After everyone’s divulged a little info about themselves, I also share a bit of my story - including that parts that still sting a little, like my 11-year estrangement from my mom and my sister’s untimely death.

I don’t do this for sympathy. I share these things because I want the womxn in the room to know that I didn’t start from where I am now, and that the trajectory wasn’t even clear when I began walking (actually… more like sprinting!) down the path of personal development.

I want them to know that change and transformation is attainable for anyone who loves themselves enough to push past the fear of choosing something different than what was modeled for them previously.

I also share the shit that makes me, well, me. I want everyone to see me as a human being, faults and all. This allows people to connect with me with my walls and defenses down. When I'm unarmed it lends to my students being able to trust me and the space I hold for them to share vulnerably as well. I want anyone in the room who’s gone through their fair share of turmoil and trauma to know that they’re not alone, and that there’s nothing wrong with them.

My core philosophy is that no one is ever broken and in need of being fixed, but there are definitely opportunities for healing and expansion for anyone willing to do the work.

As people got comfortable on Saturday and each one expressed themselves more freely, the shy “me too’s” slowly turned into loud laughter and healing tears. Seeing each one of them believe in their own power to transcend the obstacles they’re currently facing, as well as healing from past battle wounds, was truly magical.

When I spent some time reflecting on the magic that was this weekend, I began to weave together this idea that we’re all walking patchwork quilts. (But maybe a bit more modern than the ones we got from our grandmas.)

Each one of us is a work of art; a compilation of experiences that while unique, have common threads with the other “quilts” (aka people) we come into contact with. Our human connections weave a web between us that reinforce that we belong - to ourselves, to Mother Earth, and to one another.

We might not match perfectly, or even end up looking like we thought we would when we set out stitching, but we’re still goddamn beautiful in our own right.

There's so much power in owning your story. Even the parts you wish you could erase like Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind have something to offer you.

Every time we accept what we’ve gone through, it provides an opportunity to heal from it and see what lessons we can carry with us. We become more empowered to love ourselves for who we are in the moment, no matter how much forgiveness we still owe ourselves.

The amazing thing about healing yourself is that it doesn’t have to be linear. In fact, healing isn’t linear - it’s spiralic. And at any point you choose, you can revisit the times and memories that don’t feel great and give yourself what it is you needed (or wanted) that you didn’t receive in those moments, whether it was someone else who let you down, or you who let yourself down.

You can make peace with the past and move on with your life.

I don’t believe we’re ever “healed,” but that we can choose to deepen into our healing practice and journey as new things come to the light ready to be released. And we don’t have to do it alone.

I see the raw potential in you.

I believe in your power to alchemize every past experience that exists as a patch on your quilt and turn it into something even more incredible.

I hope you see it, too.

Loving you,

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