How to fully activate your intuition ✨


Girlfriends and gut feelings.

A few weekends ago I sat down to dinner with two of my best girlfriends I’ve known almost my whole life. One of them immediately opened the conversation with “I call the floor first because I have really big news - and no, I’m not pregnant.”

I sat in anticipation until she spilled that she and her husband sold their house and 90% of their belongings and were moving out to Santa Rosa, California to explore new careers and get a change of scenery.

I was both equally surprised yet also expected something so drastic because she’s always had a very adventurous spirit and passion for travel. Her and her husband have a temporary reason for moving and are leaving things open-ended for what’s to come after the 6-month program he’s enrolled in in Santa Rosa.

During our evening together, the conversation wove back and forth between what we’ve all been through (and are going through), gratitude for how we’ve been led to where we are, and genuine excitement for the future. One of the most interesting threads of our conversation that stood out to me was about following what felt right (i.e. intuition, or inner voice).

Intuition is what I think of as your internal compass, or GPS system, and it’s also widely known as your gut feelings. (They call it this because you actually have a “second brain” in your belly, formed by the highway between your brain and your gastrointestinal system.) 

When you allow yourself to get quiet and tap into those gut feelings, aka your intuition, you feel empowered to follow your heart and stand firmly rooted in your decisions, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Let me be real for a second and say that in terms of actual navigation, I have a pretty terrible sense of direction (my husband is always cracking jokes about it when we’re in the woods because without him I’d literally be lost!). But I feel a lot more confident in my ability to tune in and be guided in life by my intuition, even when what I’m guided to do is uncomfortable, a little scary, or against popular opinion.

That night in conversation, my girlfriend described that even though this move will be a huge change (I mean, selling everything you own and moving across the country is a pretty BFD, right?!) and there are a lot of logistics to sort out, that she wasn’t particularly stressed because it felt right and things were easily falling into place.

So often when we find ourselves in a place of desire, we want instant gratification - the car, the job, the partner, etc. - and we begin swimming against the current as fast as we can, willing to do anything to get the thing or outcome we crave. Life feels hard. Sometimes what we think we want ends up being different than what we actually desire deep down because we pick up on what others want for us, making navigating our lives fairly more complex.

But when we’re truly aligned with what our soul is called to, we find ourselves swimming with the current as it lovingly helps us along in the direction of our desires. Things gravitate towards us, and, as we follow the breadcrumbs along the windy path, even more magic unfolds.

Impatience has previously been a state I made a lot of my decisions from because I thought I could see what I wanted on the horizon and felt like if I didn’t make a mad dash for it, it would slip away from me. Without patience, it’s easy to lack faith and trust that what’s meant to be will be. That’s not to say that you never need to take action to get closer to your desired outcomes, but rather that it’s possible to find the sweetness in the in-between times since right here, right now is all we truly have.

When things start to really click and synchronicities occur it’s usually the Universe’s way of communicating that you’re moving in the right direction - like a subtle (or not so subtle) wink and nod. (When you experience those synchronicities it’s also a reminder to pay attention!)

By allowing things to unfold, and cultivating that faith and patience, you can even begin to see things you may have missed when you were hurrying life along; impatience can result in bypassing connecting with your intuition and tuning into what your gut (and soul) is trying to tell you because your eyes are so fixated on the prize. In this space we can too easily miss even better opportunities because we’re not open to seeing things differently than how we think is best.

On my way home from wining and dining with my girlfriends, I realized how much the three of us have grown and changed over the years, but that we’ve still landed in a place where we feel connected to both each other and to our intuition. None of us grew up with this concept so it’s pretty miraculous that we’ve all gravitated towards learning how to hear our own innate inner wisdom and following it even when it goes against the grain.

We’re all rebels in a sense because we crave connection to our soul’s missions and desires more than following the path someone else has laid out in front of us. We’re willing to let go of what we thought would serve us when we started on our journeys of self-discovery and career paths when we left the nest and went to college, and we’re willing to continually assess what’s going on now and course correct as we see fit.

We want to use our inner guidance to find more ease and pleasure in our lives, and relinquish a little bit of our grip on the perception that things should be a certain way, or we should be working our way towards a certain goal, because of societal and familial norms.

In moments I’ve felt lost, stuck, and generally dissatisfied, it’s often the direct result of one thing - I’ve allowed my spiritual practices to fall to the wayside in favor of my to-do list; my connection to myself and my intuition feels weak and sometimes non-existent.

Intuition is like a mental muscle that needs to be exercised much like our physical bodies. The good news is that even if you fall off the wagon for a bit, your mental muscle memory (say that ten times fast) can kick in after just a few minutes of connecting with yourself. It's as simple as sitting, breathing, and listening.

I often like to start by moving my body, then take some time to either meditate, free write, or pull a card from one of my favorite decks to see what comes up for me. Spending time in nature can also invoke connection to yourself and Source quickly as well.

Within our bodies we not only have the physical elements of muscles, bones, nerves, etc. but we also have a subtle energy system that’s home to our life force energy. Within this energy system we have energy centers, or chakras, that work similarly to valves - they allow life force to circulate through our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

When our chakras are blocked or stuck in place we become off balance and feel like something’s wrong. We need to clear the blockage and get the energy flowing again so that we can restore that balance within ourselves. This is an ongoing process since - spoiler alert - we're human! New blocks and issues to work through are always going to come up for us while we're here on earth.

If you’re feeling stuck and like your intuition and energy is somehow low or blocked, you may have some thoughts or emotions that need to be processed. Stress is a pretty common response to the pressures and experiences we face in our daily lives and it can weaken and disrupt the flow of our life force energy; we need to continually process the causes of stress to keep a clear channel with our intuition.

One thing I've found to help immensely with rebalancing myself and my clients and connecting with my intuition is Reiki. Through the attunement process (i.e. how one becomes a Reiki practitioner) you experience an opening of yourself and your senses and become connected to the main source of Universal Life Force.

This attunement to a higher frequency often comes along with experiences such as opening your third eye chakra, increasing intuitive awareness, releasing negative emotions, and forming a more solid and conscious connection between your mind and body. You learn how to work with your body and chakras to get stagnant energy flowing again and clear blockages that are keeping you stuck.

I’m now in my early thirties and recently read that this is a point in most people’s lives where we’ve accrued enough life experience to weigh against the ideas and beliefs that were formed at a young age, and that it’s common for our third eye chakra to become fully activated.

When this chakra is activated we can experience very clear and concise thought and expand our view of ourselves and how we see the world. We’re also more prone to carve out time for spiritual reflection and inner contemplation (meditation, anyone?).

When it’s fully activated, the third eye stimulates both your feminine/right brain (creativity/imagination) and your masculine/left brain (rational and analytical thinking) and gets them to work together to create a more unified vision that can incorporate both your logical and intuitive thoughts and experiences.

It also allows you to feel more firmly rooted in using your mind to create your reality on all levels and awaken your own power to transform yourself and go after your dreams.

By connecting with your inner truth and wisdom, you break down the barriers you’ve put on yourself (like limiting thoughts and beliefs) or feel that others have put on you so that you can see yourself as limitless and ever expanding.

You become awakened to what your soul truly desires and can follow your intuition to connect the dots between where you are and where you want to go.

If you’re interested in more fully activating your intuition, I highly recommend taking time daily to connect to yourself and the guidance you have access to within, however that looks for you.

If you’re looking to uplevel that connection even more, explore where you may be able to get certified in a modality like Reiki to open yourself up further and expand your spiritual toolkit.

You can also call on a practitioner to help you rebalance yourself if you’re not fully ready to commit to becoming a practitioner yet - you’ll know when the time is right. ;) Even as a practitioner myself I call on the assistance of other healers when I need it.

If this peaks your interest or you have questions, feel free to contact me. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others to help them along their own soul's journey.

In love + heart service,

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