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Illuminate Your Life with the Magic of Mindfulness

Thoughts have power, thoughts are energy, and you can make your world or break it by your own thinking.
— Susan Taylor


The average human has between 25,000-70,000 thoughts a day.

98% are the same thoughts we had the day before.

And 70-80% of these thoughts are negative.

In addition, Harvard published a study that showed that 47% of our time is spent lost in thought, and potentially quite unhappy thoughts. This means your mind is wandering almost half of your waking hours - holy guacamole that's a lot!

What you put your attention on grows stronger. So what can you do to make sure that you're focusing on thoughts that will lead you in the direction of your dreams instead of down the rabbit hole of self doubt and negativity?

In just 10 minutes a day, you can positively impact your entire life by practicing mindfulness.

When you’re mindful, you can recognize what you’re thinking is just a thought, and you can question it - you don’t have to believe it. This can decrease rumination of thoughts, especially those that aren’t true, and allow intense feelings to subside. You can pause before reacting and make mindful choices.

So what exactly is mindfulness, and why is it good for you?

Mindfulness is a way of practicing full conscious awareness by paying attention to what is happening in the present moment, with kind attention and purpose, and without judgement.

With increasing internal and external demands on our time and energy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed feeling like you have to do #allthethings like, yesterday. By regularly practicing mindfulness, you’ll reap its immediate benefits (decreased stress, anxiety, and negative emotions) as well as many long term benefits (the ability to control your reactions in stressful or anger-inducing situations, sharpen your concentration skills, and enhance innovation and creativity).

When we’re mindful, we’re able to practice awareness of our bodies (where we are and what we’re doing) and not be overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Mindfulness keeps us grounded in each moment and allows us to compassionately observe our thoughts rather than pass judgment on them.

We can learn how to silence our inner critic and step into our full potential by being mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. With a regular mindfulness practice, you can focus your attention so that you’re more efficient in getting things done while creating additional white space you can use to fully enjoy your life and pursue your passions.

Meditation is one way to cultivate mindfulness and tap into your inner wisdom. It’s an exercise for your mind that helps to retrain your brain. It’s a practice that allows you to care for yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. It helps to restore your sense of self-worth through cultivating awareness of your thoughts, unconditional acceptance of who you are and where you are on your journey, and instill a deep sense of connection and belonging in your body and on this Earth.

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In this workshop:

  • We’ll discuss what mindfulness is (and isn't), and the miraculous benefits of becoming your own mindfulness magician.
  • We'll debunk some of the most common myths of meditation (hint: it's not about completely emptying your mind, or sitting for an hour at a time!).
  • You’ll learn specific tools for creating a sustainable meditation practice so that you can harness the magic of mindfulness to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Once we lay down these foundations, we’ll spend some time in meditation connecting to ourselves and decompressing any tension in our minds and bodies.
  • After our community practice, there will be time to share individual experiences and ask questions.

Upon registering, you'll also receive my free 18-page Meditation 101 guide so that you can get started right now on exploring how to create your own meditation practice and begin to experience the benefits of mindfulness first-hand.

Join me LIVE on Thursday, November 16th from 8:00-9:30pm EST where we'll talk about how you can use meditation to cultivate mindfulness. By learning to pay kind attention to the thoughts you're thinking, you empower yourself to create more magic and meaning in your life.

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we already are.
— Pema Chodron

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