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Get Out of Your Head + Into Your Heart: Intuition Workshop

  • Mind Body Barre 106 Main St North Easton, MA 02356 USA (map)

During childhood, we're extremely in touch with our intuition and imagination. It's easy for us to ask for what we need and want, and we feel worthy doing so. We spend days on end exploring the world around us and getting to know ourselves without worrying if we're being productive. Unfortunately, as we get older, we're often taught to favor logical and analytical thinking because society places an emphasis on practicality and reason instead of cultivating the belief that we each have a deeper knowing inside of ourselves. As adults, most of us tend to abandon what feeds our souls, such as creativity, play, and pleasure, because they're not as high up on our to-do lists.

The thing is that without these things - a creative outlet, time specifically carved out for fun, and the ability to fully allow ourselves to experience what brings us joy - life becomes lackluster. Our sparkle dulls and we feel disconnected from ourselves and others, and disenchanted by the mundane lives we're living. Every day feels like groundhog day. But the good news is that a more meaningful and magical life isn't totally out of reach! You have the power to tap into your inner guidance by incorporating simple, practical techniques you can implement regularly so that you can find more fulfillment and flow in your everyday life .

In this workshop, we'll cover the basics of what intuition is and delve into the different ways it can communicate with you.  While it will be an opportunity for learning, the evening is meant to give you the time and space to PLAY! We'll be diving into several hands-on exercises to get you out of your head and into your heart space. Through these mini experiments, you'll become more deeply connected to your sixth sense and witness firsthand how easy and enjoyable following your inner guidance can be. You'll have a chance to practice your skills in real-time with other like-minded women who also crave connection, and leave with additional resources so that you can continue to explore working with your intuition on your own.

Please dress comfortably and bring water, a notebook and pen, and an open mind and heart. No prior experience necessary!