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Reiki Level 2 Training + Certification

  • Mind Body Barre 106 Main St. North Easton, MA 02356 USA (map)

Reiki Level II is the second level in the Reiki initiation process and will take a Reiki Level I practitioner's skills further. This class includes a second Reiki attunement, which will provide you with greater access to Universal energy and will expand your flow of Reiki healing for both yourself and for those you treat.

This training includes a review of Reiki Level I material, followed by an introduction to the three ancient and powerful healing Reiki symbols that will allow you to move beyond the barriers of time, distance, and space with Reiki treatments. Upon becoming a Reiki Level II practitioner you'll be able to send distance Reiki healing to those not physically in the same space, as well as yourself (or your clients) in the past or future. Distance healing can also be used to send Reiki to global situations, such as natural disasters.

In Reiki II we'll also cover more in-depth space clearing, energy cleansing, and psychic protection techniques and practice both self-treatments and distance healing. All participants will have the opportunity to give and receive a healing session using the Reiki symbols.

You'll leave class with:

  • An increase of channeling power and confidence in your abilities as a Reiki practitioner.

  • A more in-depth understanding of the chakras and ways to use Reiki to clear and balance them.

  • Knowledge of the three powerful Reiki symbols, what they're used for, and how to use them.

  • The ability to send distance healing to individuals and global situations, as well as programming treatments for future/past times.

  • Deeper healing on all levels.

  • A Reiki Level ll certificate.

*Must have completed Reiki I certification to attend.*