Sea Clay and Seaweed Face Mask

Sea Clay and Seaweed Face Mask

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This mask not only has the power to draw toxins from the skin, but it also moisturizes as it works, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. The clays in this mask provide it with the ability to reduce and control oil and shine, making it great for use on acneic, oil, or combination skin. With its antioxidant properties it also works well for mature and/or environmentally damaged skin.


"I used this for the first time and my face has never felt cleaner! Love love love this product! " -Kimi S.
"This is a great mask. Smells just like the sea. I have had seaweed wraps, which are very good for your body, and this smells the same. Very prompt service and very nice packaging." -Susan C.

Sea clay, french green clay, organic kelp powder*, green tea powder, organic camu camu powder*
*USDA-certified organic ingredients

This mask powder comes in a 4 oz frosted glass jar with an aluminum lid. Since you're only using a teaspoon or two of powder at a time there is enough for several applications and this will last you quite a while! Please consider sanitizing and reusing this jar after you've enjoyed its contents. It also comes with a small birch wood biodegradable spoon to use as a scoop.

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of mask powder with water or your activator of choice until you've reached the consistency of a thick paste. Apply to the face and neck and allow to dry for 10-25 minutes (5-10 minutes for sensitive skin). Wash off with a warm, damp cloth. Follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer. Use 2-3 times per week as needed.

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Clays are extremely rich in minerals and have remarkable absorbent powers. As they dry, they raise the temperature of the skin, which in turn encourages the removal of toxins and excess sebum. They also act as gentle exfoliants, leaving skin smooth as velvet.

French green clay contains a cornucopia of valuable elements including montmorillonite, several (up to 9) important mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosporous, silicon, copper, and selenium. It also has a high concentration of chromium, nickel, and copper. This clay is great for use on oily, acneic, and combination skin because it draws the oils from the skin while also aiding in reducing sebum production.

If you can't tell by the name of my shop, I LOVE the sea! Both sea clay and seaweed powder come from the beautiful big blue and have many healing benefits for your skin. Sea clay is a dark gray-green clay that acts as a mild exfoliant and is thought to have many properties around detoxification.

Seaweed is great to combat acne and is a natural anti-inflammatory, meaning it has the ability to soothe inflammation that causes red, painful bumps. It also contains essential fatty acids that infuse your skin with moisture and also aids in moisture retention by prevenging your skin from losing moisture in the first place.

Green tea powder contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals and can help control acne due to their antibacterial properties. Some studies have shown green tea extract to neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe irritated skin.   

Camu camu powder is high in Vitamin C, which is known to help minimize and prevent wrinkles, fine lines and scars.