Year of Well Wishes Candle Set

Year of Well Wishes Candle Set


PLEASE NOTE: The current turnaround time from order to shipment for this item is 3-4 weeks.

This Year of Well Wishes candle set includes 12 small frosted votive candles and is perfect to purchase as a gift for yourself or a loved one. The intention behind this set is to provide the recipient with a candle for each month of the year. Each of the 12 candles focuses on a theme and is labeled with a quote to provide inspiration to the individual. These themes themes range from love to luck to joy and are intended to serve as a reminder to the individual of the power of positive thought. Each candle is individually scented and packaged in small milk carton containers bundled up with color-coordinated twine and labeled with their theme and scent. It also comes with a small card with the intention of the gift set outlined.


“These candles are beautiful, fragrant, and a lovely gift we've made part of our Christmas tradition. We love them.” -Ellen L.


Burn as desired to add a soft glow and pleasant aroma while you read, write, or relax in the bath. Keep the wick trimmed at 1/4" for safety and to ensure the longest burning time. Burning this candle for at least 2 hours at a time in an open space may also prolong its life.

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All of my candles are handcrafted from a 50/50 blend of natural beeswax and USDA-certified sustainable palm oil. Since beeswax has a high melting point it will burn longer than a candle made from artificial wax, and the organic palm oil allows for a more even burning pool.

Beeswax makes a wonderful candle wax because it comes from a renewable resource (bees!) and burns very cleanly - it won't give off the same soot or smoke that paraffin and other types of wax will, meaning it's not emitting toxins into your home. In addition, beeswax is also said to clean and purify air by releasing negative ions as it burns. The negative ions cling to the positively charged pollen, dust, dirt, and mold in the air surrounding the burning candle which in turn neutralizes the air. Burning beeswax has been known to to reduce indoor pollutants and can effectively reduce the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and hay fever. The way burning beeswax helps clean the air in your home is the same amazing technology many air purifiers and water filters harness!