Mini Relaxation Kit

Mini Relaxation Kit


This kit is perfect for any lavender lover or someone desiring a little calmness and relaxation. It includes 1 mini sacred herb meditation candle along with 0.5 oz of 100% pure therapeutic grade lavender oil in cobalt blue glass bottle with a reducer top. Use them together during meditation to enhance your practice or any time you need some help quieting the mind and soothing tension in the body. Choose from either a small berry container with a big beauful bow or a small white gift box with recycled paper shreds for easy gift giving.

To purchase a single sacred her meditation candle visit the Candles section of our site.

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Lavender oil is know for its healing properties and is a wonderful aid in promoting relaxation. It's one of the few essential oils safe to apply directly to the skin. Just apply a few drops to the hands, neck, and behind the ears and breathe deeply to calm any stress in the body and mind. You can also add a few drops to an oil burner if you prefer not to apply it topically.