Midwinter Magic

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl

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The month of December is filled with enchantment and wonder - from holiday traditions to the Winter Solstice to the opportunity to set new intentions for your next revolution around the sun, it's truly the most magical time of the year.

Midwinter Magic is an experience that will allow you to slow down and make time to be fully present this December and well into 2018. It combines three brand new offerings into one program to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support to get yourself in the groove of checking in regularly with your deepest desires and waving the magic wand of your intuition to transform your dreams into reality.

There will be a free online community available via a Facebook group for you to share things as you go, ask questions, and connect with other women on their spiritual path looking to create more magic and meaning in their everyday lives. There is strength and numbers, and I have no doubt that each woman called to join this program will be there for a very specific reason.

You've probably heard this before, but timing is everything. In this program, I've laid the foundations to teach you when to pull back and when to press forward throughout 2018 so that you can cooperate with life instead of paddling your boat against the current, and use the principles of natural timing to your advantage.

The cycles we'll be working with are all mapped out for you in the products included in Midwinter Magic, so you'll save time each month by not needing to look up what to do when. The information within this program will help you to align your energy and actions with what's going on in at a much larger scale in the cosmos so that you can begin to work with that Divine timing and use its cycles to your advantage to create an enchanted life.

Each of the items included in Midwinter Magic are sold separately, but you'll get the most value and fullest experience by investing in the entire program.

Midwinter Magic includes:

  • My Monthly Magic 2018 workbook, which will provide a sacred space to write down everything you want out of 2018 and learn how to work with the lunar cycles to fulfill your destiny and get what you want. By tracking what you manifest throughout the year and watching your dreams come true you'll be encouraged to continually show up for yourself and your spiritual practice. ($24 value)
  • A ticket to my Winter Solstice online retreat, where we'll get together online as a group for some intimate intention setting and organization for 2018. We'll reflect on what didn't pan out as planned in 2017 so that we can make peace with it and leave it behind as we start the new year off connected with our highest and best selves. You'll also be receiving a special gift via snail mail to help you harness the potent power of the energy around the solstice! ($77 value)
  • My New Moon Alchemy e-course, which will walk you through how to use the power of the new moon each month to connect to your intuition and ask for what you want, because you're worthy of receiving it! ($397 value)
  • Access to a private Facebook group community that will open on December 1, 2017.
  • Monthly Facebook Live group mentorship sessions to work through the program content together and receive additional guidance from me. ($720 value)
  • Student discounts on additional programs offered throughout 2018 (TBD).

By investing in this program, you'll be receiving access to the following.

Monthly Magic 2018 Workbook

monthly magic workbook

Use this workbook to navigate 2018 with intention to gain insight and clarity into yourself and your purpose, and document your journey along the way.

With each new month, you have a chance to support how your life unfolds and become more of an active participant. You can learn to work with the energies of each season and lunar cycle, as well as your own energy levels throughout your monthly cycle.

Each month, you'll come up with a core value to work with as well as understand what new moon wishes to set, when to take action, when to rest, and how to release whatever's coming up for you that isn't serving you during the full moon phase.

Winter Solstice Online Retreat

The Winter Solstice is a time for rest, reevaluation, inner growth, and aligning your priorities and your values so that you can assess where you are and decide where you want to go.

The energy of the Winter Solstice invites us to retreat into ourselves and work on setting the stage for what's next. It's a time for reflection - standing back to take a look at the bigger picture of your life - and setting big, dreamy, lofty goals. The themes of reflection and intention setting fit perfectly with the tradition of New Year's resolutions, but on an even more meaningful level.



New Moon Alchemy: a 12-month journey in using the new moon to re-enchant your life and fill it with magic and meaning

Think of this course as your Marauder's map to living an enchanted life filled to the brim with magical moments. You're the sorceress with the almighty magic wand and you get to bippity boppity boo the shit out of life by learning how to use the monthly lunar cycles to call in anything you want.

You'll learn how to work with the different energies surrounding the new moon in each zodiac sign, and how to connect deeply to your intuition so that you can clearly state your desires and dreams at the most potent times possible to enhance the manifesting magic.

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The material in this program is valued at over $1,200!

One-time Investment: $444

Are you ready to invest in yourself, transform your life, and make 2018 the most enchanted year yet?

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Refund Policy: Full refunds will be offered up until midnight on December 16, 2017 when course content will begin to be delivered. Partial refunds will be issued prior to the online retreat on December 21, 2017. No refunds will be issued after January 1, 2018.

Disclaimer: While I strongly believe in your manifesting abilities and the Universe, I do not guarantee specific results from this course. You need to show up and put in the work to reap the rewards and I hope that you'll do just that!